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16 de maig 2008

INJVG: Press release Expo Zaragoza 2008

Press release
Expo Zaragoza 2008

Woman and water: The waters go down turbid when there are no rights On the occasion of the Expo Zaragoza be celebrating in next June 2008 on the water, considering it to be a " indispensable element for the life, aim and purpose, the human development from the ethical commitment ", as express the official documents of the same one, the International Network of Journalist with Vision of Gender demonstrates herworry and does called of attention for the scanty journalistic treatment of gender on the impact that produces in the quality of life and the development of the women the inability to accede in conditions worthy to the human right to obtain water.

The scanty visibilización of the diverse roles of the women in the means, and especially in relation with the use of the water it is a consequence also the absence of public policies with approach of gender in the subject matter. For it, the International Network understands that it is urgent to check the journalistic sexist practices that they prevent from informing about the participation of the women, already it is a respect of the situation, since of the contributions that they do in the managing of the water. The water is a fundamental and inalienable human right. Diverse international organizations of Women and of Human Rights notice of the impact of the privatization and the consequences for the feminine population.

The extreme poverty in the world sharpens with the crisis of this resource, which some of they of them predict as the war that one will come, meanwhile it is necessary to say that: of 1.2 trillions of persons who do not accede to the water, more than the half they are women and girls, to this her it is necessary to add the inhuman conditions to obtain it especially in the underdeveloped countries. The mass media, the persons and professionals that we work and exercise the communication and the journalism we have to assume an ethical professional commitment I concern of visualizing that this reality exists in the world. The women are linked by the water because they are those who take charge of the upbringing of the children and the girls, of the domestic tasks, of the familiar economy and, each of these tasks need of this valuable resource.

For it, when the water becomes inaccessible for the distances or quality strikes strongly spoiling the quality of life of the women preventing her potential development. The International Network of Journalist with Vision of Gender calls on to them and the representatives of more than hundred countries assistants attend this summit of the water to checking and elaborating active policies that revert the conditions of inequality that the poor women of the world suffer, and to the mass media that promote a journalism with a free look of sexism and sensitively to valuing the role of the woman for the managing of the water. INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF JOURNALISTS WITH VISION OF GENDER

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Juany Valderrama ha dit...

Relevante nota sobre tan importante labor que realiza la colega Lydia Cacho en México, teniendo en cuenta que su país, al igual que muchos en Latinoamérica son escenarios hostiles para que las y los periodistas puedan ejercer con libertad y plena garantía de su integridad física, el ejercicio de la profesión periodística. Por ello, merecido el premio, por su valentía y perseverancia en la denuncia a favor de las mujeres mexicanas. Motivo más que suficiente para que aquellos y aquellas, que aún se mantienen indiferentes a esta dolorosa realidad, levanten sus voces para ayudar.

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